010. say "I love you" to me in the early morning

Time for another post!!! :3 And why yes, it's for otp20in20 xDDD My pick for Round 3 were the super adorable Misaki & Usami from Junjou Romantica!!! >w< There are some others thrown in here as well... the "Open With Photoshop" Firefox add-on IS A CRIME FFFFFFFFFFFFF

Btw, let's much less formatting than usual because it's 5 am and my right wrist is screaming in pain OTL

♥ Icons x 50
Junjou Romantica x 27 (20 for otp20in20 , 7 extras, all Akimisa), Card Captor Sakura x 09, Neon Genesis Evangelion x 01, Macross Frontier x 01, Puella Magi Madoka Magica x 12

So, are you ready? ♥

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009 - this desperate world is even now, on the verge of ending, but doesn't end.

Sorry it took me so long!!! ;_; Finally my entry for otp20in20 is done!!! :3 I just had to pick my bbs Ban and Ginji ;A; Getbackers will forever mean a lot to me, and especially this pairing ♥ I hope you guys like them :'3

Btw, I'm super happy to announce that one of my icons has been kindly nominated at awards_anime !!!!! ;//////; I wasn't expecting it, it made me so happy ;o; (yes, it's the Suzaku one from my previous post haha xD)

And now yes, the icons!:

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xx rules
1. Credit cieloeterno
2. Do not claim them as yours.
3. Textless icons are not bases, yet if you want to modify a little something, ask me :3
4. Comments are VERY appreciated.
affiliate . credits . watch?

008 - In the dark blue starry sky, we're like fireworks

Hello!!!! ♥ Remember that looooooong ago, I promised a X-mas post? xD well, here it is!!! It isn't as big as I wanted it to be, but the date is coming close and I don't have much more time >: Hope you like them!!!

♥ Icons x27
X-mas icons x27
Featuring: Angel Beats! / Art by Carnelian / Chobits / Code Geass / D.Gray-Man / Gundam 00 / Gundam SEED / Higurashi no Naku Koro ni / Junjou Romantica / Kobato / Love Plus / Lucky Star / The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya / Shakugan no Shana / Shug Chara! / To-Love-Ru / You're Under Arrest! / xxxHolic

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My post for otp20in20 is coming soon!!! ♥ Stay tuned!!!

Merry X-mas, everyone!!!!

007 - there must be a radiance beyond this wind; that’s what I believe

Heyyy <3 It's been a long while, right? Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been so busy lately >: (and right now I'm actually posting because I'm sick of studying orz) anyways, here are some new icons. Some are loved fandoms, others random pics I found in my computer and ended up iconing xD; Hope you like them! :3 Oh, and I promise there will be a X-mas post soon!!! Stay tuned!!! ♥

♥ Icons x38

♥ Gundam 00 x09
( x03 Lyle, x03 Tieria, x02 Graham, x01 Descartes)
♥ Junjou Romantica x03

(x01 Akimisa, x02 Misaki)
♥ Macross Frontier x07

( x03 Sheryl, x01 Ranka, x01 Alto & Brera, x01 Brera, x01 Sheryl & Ranka)
♥ Star Driver x11

(x01 Sugata & Takuto, x03 Takuto, x01 Sakana, x02 Vice-President, x01 Kanako, x01 Okamoto-sensei, x01 Tsubasa & Okamoto, x01 Sakana & Wako)
♥ X x03

(x03 Kamui)
♥ Various x05
(x01 Gundam Seed Destiny (Shinn, Rey & Lunamaria), x01 Gundam Wing (Quatre), x01 Ouran Host Club (Tamaki), x01 Spongebob Squarepants (Patrick & Sandy), x01 Yume Musubi Koi Musubi (Ao & Ryoumei))

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And while we're at it, some advertising :3 I'll be participating, so please support me!!!


006 - I’ll follow you, no matter how bitter it is, even within the darkness of the world

Helloooo <3 I should be doing other things (like, SLEEPING), I realized I had accumulated a good number of icons to post again, so here I go xD Random fandoms are random, but I hope you like them :3

♥ Icons x55

♥ Air x04
( x04 Misuzu)
♥ Gundam 00 x19

(x06 Graham, x02 Graham and Billy, x05 Lyle, x01 Tieria, x01 Descartes, x01 Shirin, x01 Setsuna and Sumeragi, x01 Allelujah, x01 Louise and Regene)
♥ Art by Noizo Ito x04

( x04 miscellanous works)
♥ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya x10

(x01 Yuki, x02 Mikuru, x05 Haruhi, x01 Kyon, x01 SOS Brigade)
♥ Vampire Knight x06

( x02 Kaname and Zero, x01 Yuuki, x03 Zero)
♥ Art by CLAMP x06

( x01 Kamui, x02 Watanuki, x03 Kobato)
♥ Various x06
( x01 Cyber Team in Akihabara (Hibari), x01 Gundam SEED (Meer and Lacus), x02 Art by Aoi Nanase (Seraphim Call), x01 Rocko's Modern Life (Ed Bighead), x01 Gundam Wing (Gundam Sandrock))

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005 - I’ll still know why I can forgive you.

I'm back from the dead xDD my connection died on the 6th, and came back today x__x in the meantime, I was so bored that I made lots of icons LOL in consecuence, this post is much bigger than usual :x Also, as I had no connection, I pretty much made them with whatever I could find in my PC xDDDD so this batch is big AND random lmao. Enjoy!!!! <333

♥ Icons x138
♥ Bleach x04
( x01 Orihime, x01 Kon, x02 Rukia)
♥ Art by Carnelian x11

(x04 Moonlight Lady, x07 Miscellaneous works)
♥ Card Captor Sakura x05

( x05 Sakura)
♥ Evangelion x14

( x08 Rei, x02 Misato, x01 Kaji, x02 Asuka, x01 Pen-pen)
♥ Gundam 00 x41

( x02 Billy/Graham, x01 Alejandro/Ribbons, x01 Allelujah, x 01 Allelujah/Soma, x01 Anew, x01 Arios/Archer, x01 Billy, x08 Graham, x03 Feldt, x01 Lockon/Tieria, x01 Nena, x01 Lyle, x02 Neil, x01 Kati, x02 Regene, x02 Saji, x03 Setsuna, x03 Sumeragi, x05 Tieria, x01 Masurao)
♥ Gundam Wing x04

( x02 Quatre, x01 Trowa/Quatre, x01 Relena)
♥ Kingdom Hearts x05

( x01 Larxene, x02 Riku, x01 Roxas, x01 Sora/Riku)
♥ Macross Frontier x12
( x07 Ranka, x04 Sheryl, x01 Alto)
♥ Art by Nanase Aoi x10

( x10 Miscellaneous works)
♥ Pita Ten x04

( x01 Sasha/Misha, x03 Koboshi)
♥ Tales of the Abyss x06
( x02 Luke, x03 Tear, x01 Jade)
♥ Various x20

( x01 Art by Arina Tanemura, x01 Vandread (Dita), x02 Tales of Vesperia (Estelise), x01 Eureka 7 (Eureka), x01 Art by CLAMP (Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam), x01 Megami Kouhosei (Kizna), x01 Lucky Star (Konata/Kagami), x01 Maaya Sakamoto, x01 Queen's Blade (Melona), x01 Galaxy Angel (Milfeulle), x01 Macross (Minmay), x01 Persona 3 cosplay (Aegis), x01 Spongebob Squarepants (Patrick), x01 Art by Yukiru Sugisaki, x01 Ouran Koukou Host Club (Tamaki), x01 Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas (Tenma/Alone, art by the awesome Asato <333), x01 X (Kamui/Fuuma), x01 Vampire Knight (Yuuki), x02 Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei (Harumi, Nozomu/Jun))

♥ Profile Banners x01

(Ranka from Macross Frontier)

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004 - I wanna lose control

Ok, I really let a lot of time pass x__x sorry for the lack of updates, RL has been really busy and I haven't had much time to work on new graphics for this comm ;__;

Anyways :3 I've managed to cook some cookies xD hope you like them! (I practised with SAI in some D:) ... as you may notice, I just went on opening random pics in my folders xDDD

♥ Gundam 00 x11
( x02 Tieria, x02 Neil, x02 Feldt, x01 Saji, x02 Graham, x02 Billy)
♥ Samurai Spirits x04
(x02 Nakoruru, x02 Rimururu)
♥ Miscellaneous x11
( x03 CLAMP (x02 Sakura, x01 Chii), x01 Kingdom Hearts (Sora, Donald & Goofy), x02 Junjou Romantica (AkiMisa), x02 Macross Frontier (Ranka, Alto), x01 DNAngel (Dark & Krad), x01 Bleach (Ukitake), x01 Get Backers (Ban & Ginji))

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003 - because of you, I want to be a stronger person

Long time no post x__x actually, I've been really lazy with graphics lately, but since I saw middysama 's new comm, mintychoco (everyone go and follow it, she has gorgeous skills <3333) I have had this terrible urge to post at least something OTL

so... here you have the icons I have made for the Gundam 00 Icontest, gundam00awards :3 plus some more I could find in my PC o-o

♥ Gundam 00 x06
( x03 Tieria, x01 Setsuna, x01 Neil, x01 Ribbons)
♥ Gundam 00(for icontest) x23
( x02 Allelujah, x01 Hallelujah, x02 Lyle, x01 Neil, x06 Tieria, x03 Graham, x02 Billy, x01 Marina, x02 Lockon & Tieria, x01 Regene & Tieria, x01 Saji & Louise, x01 Lyle & Feldt)
♥ Miscellaneous x09
( x02 Card Captor Sakura (Sakura), x01 Art by Naru Nanao, x01 Art by Carnelian, x01 Macross Frontier (Sheryl & Ranka), x01 Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebob & Patrick), x01 School Days (Kotonoha, Setsuna & Sekai), x01 Get Backers (Ginji), x01 Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas (Tenma & Alone))
♥ Friends Only Banner x01
(Gundam 00 (Tieria, Mileinna, Setsuna, & Feldt)

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002 - where are you? why the love?


♥ Bashquash! x6
( x01 Sela, x04 Iceman, x01 Sela & Iceman)
♥ Blood+ x4
( x02 Haji, x01 Saya, x01 Haji & Saya)
♥ Corrector Yui x5
( x02 Ai, x02 Yui, x01 Haruna)
♥ DiGi Charat x8
( x02 Dejiko, x03 Puchiko, x02 Rabi~en~Rose, x01 Dejiko & Pyoko)
♥ Gundam 00 x13
( x01 Allelujah, x02 Lyle, x01 Tieria, x01 Setsuna, x04 Graham, x02 Joshua of Alaska, x01 Graham & Homer, x01 Lockon & Tieria)

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