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let it all fly away
this sky is limitless
February 24th, 2011 
Time for another post!!! :3 And why yes, it's for otp20in20 xDDD My pick for Round 3 were the super adorable Misaki & Usami from Junjou Romantica!!! >w< There are some others thrown in here as well... the "Open With Photoshop" Firefox add-on IS A CRIME FFFFFFFFFFFFF

Btw, let's much less formatting than usual because it's 5 am and my right wrist is screaming in pain OTL

♥ Icons x 50
Junjou Romantica x 27 (20 for otp20in20 , 7 extras, all Akimisa), Card Captor Sakura x 09, Neon Genesis Evangelion x 01, Macross Frontier x 01, Puella Magi Madoka Magica x 12

So, are you ready? ♥

It's because yeah, it's because I like you very much, that I'd go, I'd go I'd go, I'd go, I'd go anywhere with you.Collapse )
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