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let it all fly away
this sky is limitless
006 - I’ll follow you, no matter how bitter it is, even within the darkness of the world 
Helloooo <3 I should be doing other things (like, SLEEPING), I realized I had accumulated a good number of icons to post again, so here I go xD Random fandoms are random, but I hope you like them :3

♥ Icons x55

♥ Air x04
( x04 Misuzu)
♥ Gundam 00 x19

(x06 Graham, x02 Graham and Billy, x05 Lyle, x01 Tieria, x01 Descartes, x01 Shirin, x01 Setsuna and Sumeragi, x01 Allelujah, x01 Louise and Regene)
♥ Art by Noizo Ito x04

( x04 miscellanous works)
♥ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya x10

(x01 Yuki, x02 Mikuru, x05 Haruhi, x01 Kyon, x01 SOS Brigade)
♥ Vampire Knight x06

( x02 Kaname and Zero, x01 Yuuki, x03 Zero)
♥ Art by CLAMP x06

( x01 Kamui, x02 Watanuki, x03 Kobato)
♥ Various x06
( x01 Cyber Team in Akihabara (Hibari), x01 Gundam SEED (Meer and Lacus), x02 Art by Aoi Nanase (Seraphim Call), x01 Rocko's Modern Life (Ed Bighead), x01 Gundam Wing (Gundam Sandrock))

♥ Air

♥ Gundam 00

Art by Noizi Ito


♥ The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

♥ Vampire Knight


♥ Art by CLAMP

♥ Various


xx rules
1. Credit cieloeterno
2. Do not claim them as yours.
3. Textless icons are not bases, yet if you want to modify a little something, ask me :3
4. Comments are VERY appreciated.
affiliate . credits . watch?

05 24 10 (UTC) - *glomps*
These are totally gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 I made an icon batch myself for my Playing the Piano Fanlisting, but these are nowhere as rockin' as yours. :D :D :D Love your colorization skills.

I'm going to friend you, too, if that's okay. :) And get some sleep, girl! :)
05 24 10 (UTC) - *catches*
alskgmaklgmaklgam O//////O t-thank you so much Ai!!!! T/////T y-you're too kind to me, omfg :x

OMG, yes, please do!!!! <333 I'm gonna add you in a sec then ;3

... yeah some mins more and I'll go :x
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