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009 - this desperate world is even now, on the verge of ending, but doesn't end.

Sorry it took me so long!!! ;_; Finally my entry for otp20in20 is done!!! :3 I just had to pick my bbs Ban and Ginji ;A; Getbackers will forever mean a lot to me, and especially this pairing ♥ I hope you guys like them :'3

Btw, I'm super happy to announce that one of my icons has been kindly nominated at awards_anime !!!!! ;//////; I wasn't expecting it, it made me so happy ;o; (yes, it's the Suzaku one from my previous post haha xD)

And now yes, the icons!:

Meeting & PartingEternityWeatherDeterminationBig Text
Favorite MomentDreamsMemoriesWinter ColorsLyrical

Special Category

Artist's Choice


xx rules
1. Credit cieloeterno
2. Do not claim them as yours.
3. Textless icons are not bases, yet if you want to modify a little something, ask me :3
4. Comments are VERY appreciated.
affiliate . credits . watch?
Tags: ! contest, ! contest: otp20in20, ! icons, ! icons: anime, ! icons: get backers, ! otp: ban/ginji
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